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Involvement of experienced investors and at the same time outstanding managers in launching and building the value of your investment projects.

Effectively supplementing the competence gap of project teams whose members have innovations, inventions and market-oriented scientific achievement, but who lack business maturity and financing.

Inclusion of an additional shareholder in further business development and strengthening of corporate supervision.

Using professional support for stock exchange debut, issuance of shares or bonds, acquisition of an additional investor, or in the implementation of managerial buyouts.

Acquiring a reliable partner to carry out and at the same time finance the restructuring of the company?

Or maybe using the possibility of safe and profitable exit from the investment?

You can accomplish these and other benefits by using the L&P managerial and investment services.


L&P is a team of experienced managers and investors who invest in various types of business ventures, while engaging in personal management.

Our expert services are dedicated in particular to:

  • originators, who are interested in expert managerial support in launching start-ups, financing, and assistance in obtaining new financing rounds,
  • investors: business angels, venture capital, private equity and mezzanine, who want to have a real impact on the management of their investments,
  • business incubators, innovation brokers, clusters, science and technology parks, technology transfer centre, BridgeAlfa funds and seed venture capital,that are interested in expert managerial and financial support in the area of commercialization of innovations, inventions and scientific achievements,
  • top managers of prospective companies who plan to buy management buyouts from their employers,
  • shareholdersof prospective companies interested in additional shareholders or exit from investments, 
  • owners and creditors of companies requiring restructuring or liquidation in the pre-pack mode.

uścisk dłoni

Our investment horizon is from 1 to 7 years. Depending on the requirements, potential for growth and maturity of the project, L&P invests alone or together with investment partners from PLN 100,000 to 10 million in individual projects, such as:

  • seed; concepts assuming the commercialization of inventions, scientific research and business innovations with outstanding market potential,
  • start up; companies at the initial stage of development with unique business models and the potential for global scalability,
  • growth management; companies a tan early stage of development with high growth potential ,requiring recapitalization and managerial support,
  • management buy in/out; companies with growth potential, bought out by the managerial staff,
  • shadow, interim & contract management; companies at various stages of development, for which we provide management services by taking part of the remuneration in the form of equity,
  • exit; companies with growth potential, whose shareholders plan to exit the investment,
  • pre pack; restructured start-ups or mature enterprises, intended in part or in whole for sale as part of the liquidation procedure.

branże i rynki

We are open to various industries and markets.

We also cooperate with centres supporting the development of innovation and science commercialization, private and industry investors, Polish and international Business Angel networks, VC and PE funds, mezzanine, authorized New Connect advisers and brokerage houses, investment boutiques, banks, and we use the EU funds.

The holistic approach of L&P to business challenges allows us, depending on individual needs, to operate at the operational and strategic level:

  • through the involvement of Contract Managers or Interim Managers in the management of portfolio, supervisory and ownership companies

  • through the participation of Shadow Managers in investment committees and supervisory boards,

  • as well as licensed restructuring advisors in the case of companies requiring restructuring and those at risk of bankruptcy.

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We invite you to familiarize yourself with our previous SUCCESSES in the field of Venture Management and with NEWS about their implementation.

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02-585 Warszawa, Poland.

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The company is registered by the District Court for the capital city of Warsaw, 14th Economic Department:
NCR 0000551982,
NIP: 1231296596, 
REGON: 361236852, 
share capital PLN 366.000

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