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We stand out on the market with the comprehensive offer flexibly tailored to the managerial services covered by the guarantee of effectiveness, as we participate in both the risk and the success of our Clients.


If you are considering:

Contract employment of top manager for a specific position in order to entrust him with responsibility for managing specific areas of the company or the entire company, in order to effectively implement agreed business goals, we recommend out Contract Management services.

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Temporary use of a management practice with specialized competence suitable for working out decisions where you want to go with the organization and how to get there, verification and development and implementation of strategies, changing the business model and optimization of processes to correct the profitability, development of the business through innovations, management of changes at any stage of their implementation, performance of other strategic or operational challenges that your organization is facing, we recommend our Interim Management services.

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Improving the coherence and efficiency of operations at the strategic and operational level through an objective look at your organization from the outside by a leader who is a sparring partner for you, who “staying in the shadow” will support the managers in developing and implementing the new strategy, carrying out change processes or implementing important projects, also to acquire additional competence and know-how, we recommend our Shadow Management services.

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Using the services of a trusted partner and expert in the world of global transactions, acting directly and through trust in his long-term business partners at all stages of the development of commercial activities, we recommend our Trade Management services.

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Involvement of an experienced investor and at the same time an outstanding manager in launching and building the value of your investment projects, effectively complementing the competence gap of project teams that commercialize inventions and innovations, including an additional shareholder in further business development and strengthening corporate governance, using professional support for stock exchange debut, issue of shares or bonds, acquiring an additional investor, or in executing managerial buyouts, gaining a reliable partner to carry out and at the same time to finance company restructuring, or taking advantage of the possibility of safe and profitable exit from the investment, we recommend our Venture Management services.

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Involvement of an expert who will make a reliable diagnosis of a company in crisis and undertake quick and effective restructuring activities in the form of professional development and implementation of revitalization or restructuring measures, saving against bankruptcy, protecting the correct rights of the creditors and enabling them the recovery of due amounts and further profitable cooperation, as well as, if necessary, efficiently conduct the company through court procedures provided for by the law as a restructuring advisor, we recommend our Restructuring Management services.

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ul. Puławska 77/ U.5,
02-585 Warszawa, Poland.

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+48 22 404 90 11
+48 601 427 130

The company is registered by the District Court for the capital city of Warsaw, 14th Economic Department:
NCR 0000551982,
NIP: 1231296596, 
REGON: 361236852, 
share capital PLN 366.000

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