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The Loranc & Partners company was established in 2000 in response to the growing demand of enterprises and their shareholders to the concepts and strategies effectively turned into business successes. At first, it provided services in the form of a business activity, to then transform into a limited liability company.

We are a team of practitioners who have joined forces and are constantly improving the effectiveness of activities, for whom the things we do are a passion! We know the value of our work. In the end, we change enterprises so that they achieve outstanding business goals, which often determine their future. Each challenge inspires us to look for innovative solutions.

We take responsibility for the effects of work of each manager supported by the board and supervision by the Shadow Manager representing the L&P Board, creating effective solutions for obtaining high and quick returns from clients’ investments in our services.



Founder, Prezes Zarządu, CEO Robert Loranc

Founder, President of the Board, CEO


Our approach to the services provided brings effects and is appreciated, which allows us to systematically develop in Poland and on international markets, effectively combining the following in various industries:

  • creating outstanding added value through responsible cooperation tailored to the organization’s goals,
  • extensive managerial and advisory experience,
  • practical business, financial, legal and tax knowledge,
  • in-depth knowledge of individual industries and markets,
    flexibility and innovation of operation and risk optimization,
  • application of world-leading standards, methodologies and work tools,
  • use of modern technologies,
  • selection, involvement, proper empowerment and support of change leaders,
  • constant pursuit of excellence, creating know-how and market development,
  • lack of compromise in terms of quality and timeliness of effects.


LP archiving


Know-how developed on the basis of experience in Poland and on international markets, world-class methodologies and tools, a wide range of experts in various fields of management, consulting and training, modern technologies, finance, law, and holistic approach to business challenges, allow us to quickly gather the right team and send it to the right place at the right time to best support Customers in all areas of business, on four levels:

  • operational,
  • strategic,
  • supervisory,
  • ownership.


Know How


What distinguishes our Clients is that they all have ambitious leaders who:

  • think and act as owners,
  • are not satisfied with the status quo and need a Partner to change it.


We operate in all industries, in Poland and on international markets, supporting various types of Clients:

  • corporations,
  • listed companies,
  • leading private companies,
  • small and medium companies,
  • start-ups,
  • venture capital and private equity funds,
  • public sector,
  • economic courts for restructuring and bankruptcy.




We specialize in the following areas of competence:

  • strategies and business models,
  • innovations, R&D,
  • new products,
  • spin-offs and start-ups,
  • successions,
  • mergers and acquisitions,
  • investment capital,
  • management buy in / out, exits,
  • revitalization, restructuring, pre-pack, liquidation,
  • debts,
  • financing of operations,
  • portfolios, programs and projects,
  • risk,

mapa świata interaktywna

  • company’s value,
  • finances and controlling,
  • operational excellence,
  • sales and distribution,
  • international trade,
  • market expansion,
  • e-commerce,
  • marketing
  • public relations i publicity, CSR,
  • human resources
  • competence development,
  • production,
  • shopping,
  • transport, forwarding, logistics,
  • business technologies.




Managers who are experts in their specialities and industries, proven and determined in achieving even the most difficult business goals in different markets, possessing proven know-how and world-class tools and work methodologies, available immediately in any place and for any period of time, depending on the needs, can be found in the L&P team.

You are warmly invited to cooperation.

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ul. Malachitowa 26,
05-500 Piaseczno, Poland

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+48 22 404 90 11
+48 601 427 130

The company is registered by the District Court for the capital city of Warsaw, 14th Economic Department:
NCR 0000551982,
NIP: 1231296596, 
REGON: 361236852, 
share capital PLN 366.000

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